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Reactome is a curated database of pathways and reactions in human biology. Reactome defines a ‘reaction’ as any event in biology that changes the state of a biological molecule. Binding, activation, catalyst are examples of reactions.

To find out more about the Reactome database check Reactome Userguide.

Reactome browsing in the nutshell

Reactome database hosts numerous pathways in human biology. This section explains how quickly find the COVID-19 related pathways in Reactome database.

  1. Go to Reactome website. On the main page you see search bar, you can input there terms like: ‘sars’ or ‘covid-19’ to find Reactome information about them. reactome search

  2. To view the COVID-19 biology pathways directly, click Pathway Browser on the main page. reactome main page

  3. Now you see the Pathway Browser. You can search for a particular pathway in the hierarchy tree on the left side of the screen. Also, you can browse the pathways network in the main part of the screen. The edges and the nodes are interactive elements, highlighted with orange color, click on them to see the details.

    The pathways related to SARS-CoV are nested in the tree view on the left side of the screen. Extend the tree with + icon as follows:
    Disease → Infectious disease → SARS-CoV Infections

    reactome browser

    Further, in category SARS-CoV Infections you can find:

    • SARS-CoV-1 Infection
    • SARS-CoV-2 Infection
    • Potential therapeutics for SARS

    Reveal any of these tree categories, to view the pathways and reactions.

    If you click on the category name in tree directly, instead of the + icon, the network in the center of the screen will visualize that choice accordingly. You can browse and click on the network element, and from there you choose the pathway of your interest.
    The image below presents SARS-CoV Infections diagram, the arrows are pointing the interactive elements.

    reactome browser

  4. The pathways and reactions and presented in the lowest level in the tree hierarchy.
    The image below shows Spike glycoprotein of SARS… reaction. At the bottom of the screen there are additional descriptions features, like the molecules and reaction details or the publications. This view can be pan and zoom.

    reactome browser

    You can also browse through the reactions diagram. If you mouse hover over and reaction or element, it is highlighted yellow, and its name is displayed. Click on the element or reaction to see its details in the below on the screen. The level in the tree hierarchy will change accordingly to the network view.

    reactome browser