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Pathway Diagrams Virus proteins
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Virus replication cycle:
Attachment and entry
WikiPathways WP4846 All
Reactome R-HSA-9678110, R-HSA-9694614
MINERVA (GitLab) Virus replication cycle (GitLab)
Virus replication cycle:
Transcription, translation and replication
WikiPathways WP4846 All
Reactome R-HSA-9679504, R-HSA-9694676
R-HSA-9679514, R-HSA-9694682
R-HSA-9683701, R-HSA-9694635
MINERVA (GitLab) Virus replication cycle  (GitLab)
RTC and transcription  (GitLab)
Nsp9 interactions  (GitLab)
E protein interactions  (GitLab)
Virus replication cycle:
Assembly and release
Reactome R-HSA-9679509, R-HSA-9694322 All
MINERVA (GitLab) Virus replication cycle  (GitLab)
Nsp4 and Nsp6 interactions  (GitLab)
Viral subversion of host defence:
ER stress and unfolded protein response
WikiPathways  WP4861 S (HCoV OC43)
4a (MERS)
Orf8ab, E, nsp15 (SARS-CoV-1)
MINERVA (GitLab) ER stress  (GitLab)
Viral subversion of host defence:
Autophagy and protein degradation
WikiPathways WP4860, WP4936, WP4863 nsp6 (SARS-CoV-1)
nsp567 (PRRSV)
Nsp6, Orf3, Orf10 (SARS-CoV-2)
MINERVA (GitLab) Orf10 Cul2 pathway  (GitLab)
Viral subversion of host defence:
WikiPathways WP4864 Orf3a, Orf3b, Orf6, Orf8a, Orf7a, Orf9b, E, M, N, S (SARS-CoV-1)
Nsp4. Nsp5, Nsp6. Nsp7, Nsp8, Orf9c (SARS-CoV-2)
MINERVA (GitLab) Apoptosis pathway  (GitLab)
JNK pathway  (GitLab)
ETC disruption  (GitLab)
Integrative stress response:
Renin-angiotensin system
WikiPathways WP4883, WP4965 S (SARS-CoV-2)
MINERVA (GitLab) Renin-angiotensin pathway  (GitLab)
Integrative stress response:
WikiPathways  WP4927 S (SARS-CoV-2)
MINERVA (GitLab) Coagulation pathway  (GitLab)
Innate Immune Response:
PAMP signalling
WikiPathways WP4912 nsp3, nsp15, Orf3b, Orf8, Orf9, M, N, S (SARS-CoV-1)
MINERVA (GitLab) PAMP signalling  (GitLab)
Innate Immune Response:
Induction of interferons and the cytokine storm
WikiPathways WP4868, WP4880, WP4876  4a, 4b, PLPro, S (MERS)
nsp3, nsp13, Orf3a, Orf6, Orf7a, Orfab, Orfb, M, N, S (SARS-CoV-1)
MINERVA (GitLab) Interferon I pathway
Innate Immune Response:
Altered host metabolism
WikiPathways WP4853 Nsp14, Orf3a, E, M, N, S (SARS-CoV-2)
MINERVA (GitLab) Heme Oxygenase pathway  (GitLab)
Kynurenine synthesis pathway  (GitLab)
Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism  (GitLab)
Pyrimidine deprivation pathway  (GitLab)

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